Business-as-usual pricing has not yet been finalised but for the duration of the Beta program, MonsterDrive is FREE to use up to the following monthly storage and transfer limits:
  • 3 Gb Storage (standard or reduced redundancy).
  • 10,000 upload or list requests.
  • 10,000 download requests.
  • 1 Gb data transfer out.
Once these limits are exceeded, you will be automatically billed at standard Amazon S3 rates

Subscription & Billing

iostack has partnered with Amazon Payments to manage your MonsterDrive subscription, allowing us to provide you with the assurance that your credit card details are safe in the hands of one of the web's most trusted billing platforms.

Subscription and Activation Keys

To access and manage your MonsterDrive subscription at any time, visit Amazon Payments
To generate new activation keys for MonsterDrive at any time, log in to your MonsterDrive Subscription page

Amazon Payments