iostack - what drives us?

At iostack, we understand how the phrase 'the cloud' can make some people's eyes glaze over, even if they possess more than a passing acquaintance with contemporary computing.

Even if you do know your way around cloud storage, it can still be a frustrating experience: Weird FTP-like interfaces, browser access only and strange folders with unknown usage semantics all contribute to a less than seamless user experience.

For business users, existing cloud storage solutions tend to focus on corporate customers with deep pockets while consumer solutions fail to provide confidence in security and lack the data integrity for business data in its normal form: native FS encryption, permissions, transactions and other filesystem features that many business users take for granted are stripped by existing solutions.

As a result, current solutions compromise the fidelity of your data and fall short of the promise of easy, secure and cheap storage.

We firmly believe that you should be able to enjoy no-brainer, transparent and faithful access to your data in a way that's no different to how you would normally access it every day - and that's precisely what inspired us to create MonsterDrive.

Once you've experienced it, we believe you'll understand why we are so excited about MonsterDrive and the ease with which it opens up the exciting sphere of cloud storage and its benefits to anyone who has ever held a mouse.

About iostack

iostack was founded in 2010 by Andrew Haslam, veteran coder and ex-architect from Ghost, the original disk cloner, desktop deployment and disaster recovery app.